Mrs. Sonya Elkins

Hello My Name Is...

<Sonya Elkins>

I have been a teacher here at Douglas Elementary for the past 10 years.  During my first four years, I taught fourth grade language arts. Then I moved to fifth grade math and science. My focus for the last few years have been in science and social studies. 

I feel that I have been given a great privilege and responsibility to prepare our children of today for tomorrow's future. I hope to inspire my student to set goals, work hard, be dedicated, and persevere in achieving those goals, so they will be mature, well rounded, successful, independent citizens ready to give back to their community. 

I myself, enjoy challenges that keep me motivated to always do my best and get better at whatever the challenge may be. One important challenge is to continue to improve my teaching skills and methods, so my students will be able to relate and apply what they are learning to real world experiences.